At the HDZ NRW we know: it is our employees whom we have to thank for our outstanding international reputation. It is their top performance which is responsible for our expertise and the global awareness we have achieved. We continue to develop when our employees develop, which is why promotion of staff competence has such strategic significance for us. We encourage the acceptance of challenging tasks and the shaping of ambitious goals with measures such as induction programs, seminars and many further training events.

We ask a lot of our staff, while never failing to encourage them

In the long history of the HDZ NRW, many employees have invested blood, sweat and tears in their work, not to mention a great deal of time. And their successes speak volumes! You can get far at the HDZ NRW, whichever area you work in, administrative or medical. We help by providing opportunities for promotion. Take your future into your own hands!

Read here two success stories which unfolded at the HDZ NRW:

Dr. Frank van Buuren, Senior Physician, Clinic for Cardiology
Katrin Messer, Cardiac Catheter Laboratory Manager, Clinic for Cardiology