The Heart and Diabetes Center NRW provides positions within the framework of the federal volunteer service.  Unlike the previous system of civilian service, the federal volunteer service is not designed solely for young men after school or vocational training. Below we have summarized for you the most important relevant information.


Anybody who has finished school and has a work permit for Germany can become a federal volunteer. Age and sex are irrelevant.


The duration of the federal volunteer service can be agreed individually, but must be at least 6 months and no longer than 24 months. Service can only be resumed after a break of at least 5 years. Notice can be given to the end of the month at any time during the service period.

Working hours

The working hours for federal volunteers are based on those in the public sector and total 38.5 per week. Part-time work is possible, in which case the monthly allowance and fixed sum for food and accommodation are reduced proportionally.


Federal volunteers receive a monthly allowance of €330. A fixed sum of €216 towards food and accommodation is also paid. Where appropriate, the cost of a monthly season ticket for public transport is reimbursed.

Social security contributions

For the full duration of the federal volunteer service, both the employer and the employee contributions to social security (health, pension, unemployment) are paid.

Child benefit

Federal volunteers are still eligible for child benefit up to the age of 25.

Fields of work

Depending on their suitability and preferences, federal volunteers can work in nearly all areas of the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW. Examples are patient transport, assisting qualified nurses, or accompanying patients to examinations. Volunteers with manual skills might also be able to assist the HDZ NRW technicians.


If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the Personnel Department:
Heart and Diabetes Center NRW, Ruhr-University of Bochum, Georgstrasse 11, D-32545 Bad Oeynhausen.

Situations vacant

Please go to our online job exchange for current situations vacant.

Situations vacant federal volunteer

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