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Questions & Answers

Which health insurance do I need in order to be treated at the HDZ NRW?

All patients are welcome at the HDZ NRW. Treatment is performed regardless of whether you have private or statutory health insurance. Private patients can book optional extras regarding choice of room and food.

Can I come to the HDZ NRW for rehabilitation or stay at the HDZ NRW once my treatment is finished?

The HDZ NRW is not a rehabilitation clinic, but a specialist hospital for the treatment of cardiac, vascular and diabetic diseases.  Please click here for an overview of the rehabilitation clinics in Bad Oeynhausen.

Where can family members sleep?

The Clinic for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, as well as the Pediatric Heart Center, provide a  list of accommodation. for family members, available from the Clinic secretaries. Regarding accommodation directly in Bad Oeynhausen, you will be given an overview of all hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and holiday flats in the official Bad Oeynhausen tourist listings. Click here for an overview of all accommodation within a radius of 5 km.

Is it possible to do laundry at the HDZ NRW?

In the cellar of the HDZ NRW patients have access to a washing machine and a dryer free of charge. Washing powder is not provided.

Is it possible to store valuables in a safe place during a stay at the HDZ NRW?

Not all of our rooms are equipped with safes. We recommend that patients leave valuables and larger sums of cash at home since we cannot accept liability for any theft. We do, however, have a safe at Reception where patients can deposit their valuables.

On the internet there are rumors that HDZ NRW physicians recommend a garlic and lemon cure for heart patients. Is this true?

Therapeutic methods of this kind are not proven and do not originate from our hospital. The physicians named in connection with these methods are not known to us.

Is it possible to smoke at the HDZ NRW?

Smoking is not permitted at the HDZ NRW. Please take note of the relevant signs in our grounds.

Is it possible to make a phone call inside the hospital? Are mobile phones permitted?

Since mobile telephones can disrupt the function of medical equipment, their use within the hospital is forbidden. For private telephone calls, patients have a landline telephone beside their bed which our receptionists can activate as required. A public call box is located in the main entrance beside the kiosk, and another one can be found opposite our visitors' café.

Do patients have internet access on the wards?

Patients can use our in-house Wi-Fi free of charge on all HDZ NRW wards. Information is available at Reception.

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