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Prof. Dr. med. Volker Rudolph is the new Director of the Clinic for General and Interventional Cardiology/Angiology at the Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW, Bad Oeynhausen. On 15 August 2018, Prof. Dr. med. Volker Rudolph (41) will take over from Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Horstkotte as Head of Cardiology at the University Hospital in Bad Oeynhausen, which is geared to the specialist care of patients with cardiac and diabetic diseases using a wide range of state-of-the-art treatments. "Today's contract signing marks the successful conclusion of an appointment procedure very carefully managed by the Ruhr-University of Bochum", said CEO Dr. Karin Overlack, who interviewed the medic at the top of the selection list on behalf of the University. The high-ranking cardiologist and scientist is presently Vice Director of the Medizinische Klinik III at the University of Cologne. "We are very happy to have enlisted a further excellent leader for the HDZ NRW in the shape of Professor Rudolph. Throughout the selection process he convinced us with his high level of specialist competence and confident manner." Prof. Dr. Jan Gummert, Medical Director of the HDZ NRW, is looking forward to working with his new colleague and sees many potential overlaps in the cardiac field: "The new Clinic Director is bringing to Bad Oeynhausen a wealth of interdisciplinary clinical experience in patient care, as well as a series of ambitious research projects." curriculum vitaeFollowing his study of Medicine and a doctorate at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Prof. Rudolph, who is originally from Bavaria, worked for seven years as an assistant physician and two years as a senior physician at the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital clinic of cardiology, where he also trained as a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, and then successfully completed his postdoctorate. In 2012 he moved to the University of Cologne, where he became Director of its program for structural cardiac diseases and interventional valve therapy, before in 2014 becoming Vice Director of its Medizinische Klinik III. He has additional qualifications in internal medicine intensive care, and has been the vice spokesman of the German Cardiac Society interventional mitral valve therapy study group since 2016. Research Prof. Rudolph is Head of the "inflammation and myocardium" scientific workgroup, which is concerned with the development of new approaches to the treatment of cardiac insufficiency (heart failure). The launching pad was a two-year research sabbatical at the Institute for Pharmacology and Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA, sponsored by the German Heart Foundation. Here, about ten years ago, so-called fatty acid signal molecules were defined for the first time. They are formed in the human body and could be used in the future as drug therapy to treat heart failure. The workgroup has conducted intensive research into the function of these signal molecules over the last few years, and has already tested them in early clinical trials. The project is sponsored by the German Research Foundation and will be continued at the Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW, Bad Oeynhausen. From Cologne to Bad OeynhausenProf. Dr. Volker Rudolph will be officially welcomed to the Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW at a reception for colleagues and invited guests on Wednesday 22 August 2018. He is being accompanied to the HDZ in Bad Oeynhausen not only by his wife, Prof. Dr. Tanja Rudolph, who will work as a senior physician and designated expert for catheter-based treatment of the aortic valve, but also almost certainly by three additional medical specialists and scientific colleagues in leading positions.Further information:

Herz- und Diabeteszentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen
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Vertragsunterzeichnung: Prof. Dr. med. Volker Rudolph und Dr. Karin Overlack vereinbaren die neue Leitung der Allgemeinen und Interventionellen Kardiologie/Angiologie im Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW, Bad Oeynhausen (Foto: Armin Kühn)

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