New cardiological intensive care unit for HDZ NRW

Following twelve months of construction, a new cardiological intensive care unit (ICU) in the Clinic for Cardiology has opened its doors at the Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW (HDZ NRW), Bad Oeynhausen. 23 new patient rooms, all equipped to the latest standards and covering a total floor area of 1,400 square meters, are now available for the intensive care of cardiac patients. Particularly noteworthy is a separate cardiac catheter laboratory especially for this ICU, reserved for emergencies from the region and from all over Germany.

The HDZ NRW Clinic for Cardiology, led by Prof. Dr. Dieter Horstkotte, is specialized in the treatment of coronary artery diseases, heart valve defects, myocardial diseases, cardiac dysrhythmia and inflammatory heart diseases. The ICU will be managed by Senior Physicians Dr. Klaus-Peter Mellwig and Dr. Christian Flottmann. The staff will number 18 physicians and 67 nurses.

Patients will predominantly be admitted to the ICU who require special monitoring due to severe diseases. Another focus is cardiological emergencies, admitted and cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Clinic is known throughout Germany for its excellent infarction network, helping heart attack sufferers at very short notice (so-called "door-to-needle time") with various measures including life-saving catheter interventions. A special cardiac catheter laboratory is now available directly in the ICU, ready to react as soon as the emergency services signalize a possible new admission. A telemedical transmission of the ECG data can already be sent by the paramedics from the patient's location to the cardiological ICU, and again from the ambulance.

In 2012, and again in 2015, when two new-build HDZ NRW complexes were opened for business, deliberations began regarding what to do with the space which had now become available in the old building. A new surgical center containing eight adjacent operating theaters had been built, meaning that the rooms previously used by the cardiosurgeons on the first floor of the main building in the Georgstrasse could now be reconstructed to form an ICU for the Bad Oeynhausen cardiologists. Demolition of the three former operating theaters commenced in May 2016. By building a flat-roof extension, the available area could be increased from 1,000 to 1,400 square meters, large enough for the creation of 23 new patient rooms.

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Ärztliche Leitung und Pflegedienstleitung der neuen Kardiologischen Intensivstation: (v.l.) Dr. Christian Flottmann, Hans Jürgen Heemeier, Dr. Klaus-Peter Mellwig (Foto Armin Kühn).