The Heart and Diabetes Center NRW in Bad Oeynhausen provides employment for several different medical-technical occupational groups. Some examples:

Surgical-technical assistants (STA)

Independent organization and coordination of working processes in the OR in collaboration with all other relevant occupational groups

  • pre-, peri- and postoperative assistance
  • optimum care of patients
  • instrumentation in specialist surgical disciplines
  • implementation of hygiene guidelines
  • economic use of materials
  • maintenance of instruments and medical devices

Medical-technical assistants (MTA)

MTA is a collective term for several occupational groups providing technical assistance in medicine.

The HDZ NRW currently employs more than 470 medical-technical service personnel, including MTA with a focus on functional diagnostics, laboratory assistants and radiology assistants.

Medical-technical assistants for functional diagnostics (MTAF)

  • examination of patients using medical devices following instruction by physicians
  • diagnostics in four main areas: neurology (nerves), cardiology (heart and vessels), audiometry (hearing and balance) and pneumology (lungs)

Medical-technical laboratory assistants (MTLA, MTA-L)

  • comprehensive laboratory diagnostics using more than 500 methods
  • production of diverse blood products for transfusion medicine
  • synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals for positron emission tomography (PET)
  • establishment of methods, documentation and quality assurance
  • participation in clinical studies and different university research projects

Medical-technical radiology assistants (MTRA, MTA-R)

  • various activities related to X-ray diagnostics (computer tomography [CT], magnetic resonance imaging [MRI], X-ray, digital subtraction angiography [DSA]), radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and dosimetry.

Special benefits for MTAs and STAs at the HDZ NRW:

  • we offer performance-oriented remuneration according to TVöD
  • we offer an attractive working environment in highly motivated teams
  • we offer structured induction with mentors and very good further training opportunities.