During anesthesia we keep you safe.

This credo for any anesthetic given nowadays is especially significant for patients with heart diseases. At our Institute for Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy, managed by Prof. Dr. Uwe Schirmer and Prof. Dr. von Dossow, it is therefore attributed maximum importance every single time anesthesia is required.

The greatest possible safety during anesthesia

We have done everything to ensure that we can do justice to our claim of providing the greatest possible safety during anesthesia: with a state-of-the-art anesthetic which is tailor-made to suit your heart disease and any previous conditions you may have. Our team has a wealth of experience with anesthesis from many years of working with cardiac patients; it follows clearly formulated treatment routines according to the latest guidelines; and it uses technical equipment which is at the top of its class.

On the following pages you will find some general information about anesthesia, as well as an insight into our team and our work. Specific questions about your anesthetic and the course it will take will be answered when we speak to you in person, and we shall of course also address any worries or fears you may have.