9th European Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit - Multidisciplinary Approach | Dec. 3th - 6th, 2014, Bad Oeynhausen (Germany)

Dear colleagues and friends,

During the last decade, new technologies as well as a better understanding of heart failure management resulted in MCS devices becoming standard care for heart failure patients. This evolution is of course obvious for chronic heart failure with the development of the continuous flow pump. In this context, we have clearly seen an exponential rate of implantation world- wide, an improvement in survival and a decrease in the rate of adverse events. As a result, LVAD therapy is now seen as a close competitor of cardiac transplantation as well as a reasonable destination therapy. Further, discussion regarding VADs has moved progressively toward exercise capacity, quality of life, social life and finally end of life.

Management of acute heart failure patients has also been greatly modified in recent years, with the efficient use of transitory short-term devices, the first line of which is ECMO.  Indeed, many centres all over the world developed ECMO programs to manage and stabilize patients with profound cardiogenic shock, allowing on one hand to reserve the use of long-term VAD for more stable patients and on the other hand to give a chance to patients too sick to be candidates for VAD therapy. In contrast with ECMO, industry developed other short-term percutaneous devices which can be used for less severe cardiogenic shock but are more efficient than ECMO to unload the left ventricle and thus promote left ventricular recovery.

With these new developments, the field of MCS is nowadays addressed not only by cardiac surgeons but also by heart failure and interventional cardiologists, anesthesiologists,  intensivists, rehabilitation MDs, psychiatrists and family practice MDs, without forgetting VAD coordinators, nurses, perfusionists….Thus many health workers and specialties are involved.
The year, the 8th EUMS will be held once again in Paris. The goal of this meeting is to promote discussion, debates, sharing of experience and innovation with sessions focused on circulatory support. This year’s meeting will be enriched with hands-on workshops, training sessions for new centres, multidisciplinary discussions around heart failure program and a VAD coordinators session. Special topics on MCS will be highlighted by experts ranging from surgeons to economists. Last but not least, the meeting will happen in the beauty of pre-Christmas time in Paris.

We hope to see you next December for the 9th EUMS in Bad Oeynhausen.

Alain Pavie, M. D.                               Jan Gummert, M. D. 
Chairman, Paris                               Chairman, Bad Oeynhausen                     

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EuMS 2014

in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
Dec. 3th - 6th, 2014