Index of procedures Heart and Diabetes Center NRW

§4g of the German BDSG law stipulates that the data protection officer make the following information appropriately available to all people, in accordance with §4e:

1. Responsibility (§4e Clause 1 No. 1-3 BDSG)

1.1 Responsible party:
Heart and Diabetes Center NRW

1.2 CEO:
Dr. Karin Overlack

1.3 Responsibility for data processing:
Marija Kirschner

1.4 Address of responsible party:
32545 Bad Oeynhausen

2. Automatic processing procedures
(§4e Clause 1 No. 4-8 BDSG)

2.1 Defined purpose of data acquisition, processing or utilization:
The object of this enterprise is the operation of in-house or third-party medical installations.

Data acquisition, processing and utilization take place for the sole purpose of realizing the above objective within the bounds of the legal stipulations.

2.2 Persons affected, relevant data, relevant categories of data:
Patient data, staff data and data from suppliers, as required to fulfill the objective cited in 2.1.

2.3 Recipients or categories of recipients entitled to receive data:
Health insurance companies, pension funds, family and referring practitioners, referring hospitals, hospitals providing further treatment, as well as the Triaton GmbH company in order to fulfill the objective cited in 2.1.

2.4 Standard time limits for data deletion:
The legislator has passed manifold stipulations and time limits concerning the storage of data. Upon lapse of these time limits, relevant data are routinely deleted. Data not affected by this legislation are deleted as soon as they lose their relevance to the objective cited in 2.1.

2.5 Planned transfer of data to third-party states:
No transfer of data to third-party states is planned.

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