Caring for diseased and severely diseased patients of all ages – from newborn babies to the elderly – requires huge commitment and permanent motivation on the solid basis of comprehensive training.

Heed your inner voice – and a very good reputation

Not only medics, but also other university graduates from within the medical field, as well as nursing specialists and the entire hospital management team have all invested a great deal of time in achieving their professional qualifications. And they all have a common professional goal: they wish to help other people – preferably where their professional qualifications are in demand and they will be respected and acknowledged as individuals. In completely pragmatic terms, some are looking for the best way of entering the profession, while others are looking for the best way of climbing the career ladder.

Welcome to the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW!

The Heart and Diabetes Center NRW enjoys an outstanding reputation, both in Germany and abroad. Our global renown and our expertise are founded on the excellent performance of our employees. Whenever and wherever the name HDZ NRW is mentioned, it is a synonym for recognized excellence in medicine.

Some facts

We are an international leader in the treatment of cardiac, vascular and diabetic diseases. With 37,000 patients per annum, 14,700 of them inpatients, we are one of the most prominent specialist hospitals in Europe. The HDZ NRW is a university hospital, as well as an academic teaching hospital of the Ruhr-University of Bochum. 2,200 employees guarantee optimum care for our patients. Restoring and promoting the health of cardiac and diabetic patients is what drives them on a daily basis – and they are passionate about it.