Quality management and clinical risk management overlap considerably. The aim of both systems is the continual improvement of quality and reduction of risks. Without safety there is no quality, and outstanding quality ensures safety. In order to avoid unnecessary repetition, the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW (HDZ NRW) has therefore bundled these two systems.

State-of-the-art and highly efficient medicine in harmony with human warmth and understanding guarantees the best possible treatment for our patients with the lowest risk. Our systematic quality management enables us to achieve first-class medical performance, smooth processes and interdisciplinary collaboration for the benefit of our patients and our staff. This is particularly true in the medical field, but additionally holds for all other departments, e.g. meal preparation, hygiene or administration.

Our quality is continually undergoing further development and regularly subjected to assessment. For example, since 2008 the HDZ NRW has held the Gütesiegel der Kooperation für Transparenz und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen (KTQ), the seal of approval of cooperation for transparency and quality. An overview of our current awards and certificates is available here.
Our "Quality and Clinical Risk Management" staff unit advises the HDZ NRW management regarding long-term objectives and strategies, as well as the effective use of different quality and clinical risk management methods and instruments. Its aim is continual further development of our existing quality management system.

PDF: "Qualitätsberichte Krankenhaus“ (in German)

The tasks of this staff unit also include

  • the advising of HDZ NRW clinics, institutes and departments, as well as their designated QM officers, regarding the implementation of quality management in those areas
  • the coordination of quality management projects at the HDZ NRW
  • the coordination and further development of clinical risk management
  • the coordination of complaint management
  • the preparation, execution and follow-up of internal quality management and risk assessments, as well as external assessments, audits and visitations
  • the training and informing of employees regarding quality and clinical risk management topics
  • the coordination of information and activities regarding quality management at clinical-administrative interfaces.

The staff unit is supported by the designated quality officers in the HDZ NRW clinics, institutes and departments. On the medical side, each clinic and each institute has a designated Senior Physician as its QM officer, responsible for the coordination of quality management in his or her area. On the nursing side, operative quality management rests with the hospital services directorship and its staff units. In all other departments and areas, QM officers are designated or the department managers are the contact partners and thus responsible for operative quality management.