The staff unit "Hospital Development / Strategic Process and Project Management" advises the HDZ NRW management regarding long-term orientation, strategy and positioning of the hospital. It analyzes clinical and economic processes at the HDZ NRW and supports the management and department heads regarding change definition and implementation. It is also responsible for the development and coordination of projects within the overall context of the HDZ NRW.

Specific tasks include

  • development of concepts for strategic positioning, taking into account determining factors such as demographic, epidemiological, political and legal trends
  • analysis of internal and external changes which impact the HDZ NRW and the identification of necessary organizational, process-related and infrastructural changes
  • continual validation of internal structures, as well as their adaptation and further development or reorientation
  • definition, coordination and guidance of measures and projects with cross-institutional and cross-departmental impact, in collaboration with the management
  • advising of the management regarding further development of constructional planning in line with an overall concept for the HDZ NRW
  • coordination of the exchange of process- and project-related information and activities at clinical-administrative interfaces.