About the Clinic

Performing more than 3,500 operations on the heart and coronary vessels per year, the Clinic for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery is one of the largest and most experienced cardiosurgical centers worldwide.


Range of treatments

All cardiosurgical operating techniques are verifiably performed at our Clinic on a routine basis. The resulting high quality of treatment means a high degree of safety for our patients.

Functional areas

Optimum care before, during and after cardiosurgical interventions is guaranteed by excellently equipped functional areas and outpatients units, as well as the interdisciplinary monitoring of inpatients.

Important numbers

Emergency hotline
+49 5731 97-3456

Clinic secretary
+49 5731 97-1331

Patient registration
+49 5731 97-1332

Second medical opinion / Private outpatients
+49 5731 97-1331

VAD outpatients

Here patients with an artificial support for their heart (ventricular assist device - VAD) are attended to. Our physicians, as well as nurses with special training for this field (VAD coordinators), are available around the clock.


Nursing in the area of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery comprises care and monitoring on the surgical wards, including the intensive care units, HT ward, and VAD ward, as well as assistance in the OR.

Patients & physicians reveal all

A heart operation is always a very special moment, even if nearly all cardiosurgical interventions have long since become routine treatments. Here physicians and patients reveal what they have experienced at our Clinic.